I have known Henry for more than six years, and he has helped me with the setup, maintenance and troubleshooting of two Macs.

I cannot say enough good things about "Dear Henry". He is always available. unflappable and supremely knowledgeable. Today, he dropped everything to support me in a nasty situation where my email had been compromised, with possibly sizeable financial consequences.

If you need computer assistance, please hire Henry. It will bring him the business he deserves and you will do yourself a great favour.

Louise Z.


Dear Henry,

Nothing can express my gratitude for everything that you have done for me with my computer.   I consider myself the luckiest person that I walked in to buy 2 computers and there you were.   Wow!!!    Little did I realize at the time, that meeting you has saved my life many a time.

What you have done for me in the last few weeks with the new installation of Lion has been remarkable.    With all the problems that we encountered, you just kept your cool (while I was totally losing mine) and your sense of humour and just continued to work through it.   It finally succeeded and is working well.    But to top it off, you didn't even charge me for the last part of it as you said it was a learning experience for you.    Being in the business world for many years, I have to say that you really are a very special person.

Henry, thank you for being you, for always being there for me and for always knowing how to fix it all.

Bev L

You are a miracle worker.    Everything is now working as it should.    Thanks so much for everything.

Bev L


When I initially bought the computer he sat with me and made sure everything was loaded properly. He even made sure my e-mail was running and that all the files had transferred over. He also checked out my Instant Messaging program and everything else from A-Z.

I have been to see him with questions on several occasions since my initial purchase and Henry has helped repeatedly…and always free of charge. Why? Because he “gets it.” He knows that by giving of his time and talent, he has garnered my customer loyalty and that of everyone else who buys from him.

Leni Chauvin, Consultant
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Dear Henry,

   I'm writing to thank you so much for agreeing to see me on the spur of

the moment on Saturday and for helping me retrieve the photos from my

painting trip on my hard drive.  I was quite desperate and really

appreciated your spending several hours with me in the afternoon.

   As I mentioned I was very distressed to find out when I got to [store name blanked out]

the day before that you were no longer working there.  Your being

on staff at that store was the reason I shopped there and told so many

friends about the place.  I have never found anyone as knowledgeable as you

about computers and their possible problems.  You always seem to have

another way to try to make something work.  No one else at the store seemed

to be able to help me or even seemed concerned about my problem so I was so

happy when they finally gave me your card.

   I hope that you will decide to work in a shop that sells Macs again or

that if you don't you will at lest continue consulting.

   Thank you again for your generous help.

Warm Regards,

Jamie E., Artist

PS.  I have been passing your name on to my Mac friends.


We bought our equipment at [store name blanked out]

because we like working with you, and enjoy your way of being in the world.  And I was about to come in a discuss a smaller, travel computer for business purposes.  From our perspective, [store name blanked out]

has made a mistake.

We will have work, and you will be our choice to call always.

David R., University Professor


 I'm sorry to hear your news, but not surprised.  Doug and I would like to continue to use you as our 'go to guy' even if it's under the new title of  'private consulting'.

Susan L., Company Owner


Hi Henry the Genius!

Thank you so very much for saving my computer and helping me a lot. You took so much trouble for me.

Anaar K.


Hi Henry,

Thank you for your patience and great work!  I hope I can become more familiar with this MacBook.

Father Bernie M., Priest


Hi Henry:

You were right, it is running really fast.  What a treat!!.

Thanks for your help, another satisfied customer.

Take care and happy holidays,

Claudio B., Property Developer